Le Gourmet Delicatessen

Le Gourmet Delicatessen is a first of its kind,  "food only " retail establishment in Uganda.

Our mission goes far beyond being an ordinary food retailer; our success lies in creating a holistic and unforgettable customer experience for anyone that walks through our doors.

It is clear from the first glance that La Gourmet exceeds anything offered by conventional natural food stores; from our wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, freshly prepared unprocessed juice, a wide selection of cheese and cold cuts, a coffee section that boasts the highest quality of coffee blends and a host of selected superior quality groceries- you’re spoiled for choice with premium brands that you can trust.

Le Gourmet is also the principal supplier of Seven Hills Ranch, an affiliate to renowned global brands like Colruyt Group’s Boni SelectionDuroc D’Olives and several other selected local organic farmers of both livestock and horticulture


A first of its kind in Uganda, La Gourmet Delicatessen is proud to be a leader in innovation in the industry. We are changing the face and experience of grocery shopping in the Ugandan market by introducing a full-size delicatessen that specializes in top of the range exotic, natural and organic fresh produce and food products.
Product integrity and quality is of utmost importance to us. All our products are thoroughly analyzed to ensure that they comply with organic regulations and meet strict ethical standards. Organoleptic evaluations are carried out on all the products to create consistency in flavor, taste, functionality and appearance.