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Young Gouda Cheese
More mild soft and almost sweet texture.
Ush 20,220
English Cheddar Cheese
Buttery and milky tasting.
Ush 27,975
Cheddar Barbers Vintage Cheese

Has both savoury and naturally sweet notes. hints of caramel and toffee  can be detected - creamy texture.

Naturally occurring crystals that gives it a distinctive crunch. Its tangy sharpness is balanced.

Ush 24,840
Parmesan Regiano Cheese
  • Has a slightly sharp complex, fruity/nutty taste with a strong savoury flavour.
  • Slightly gritty in textures
Ush 45,975
Leerdammer Cheese
  • Creamy white texture
  • Slightly similar to Emmental
  • It's rounder in taste
  • It's sweet & somewhat nutty flavoured.
Ush 18,645
Old Gouda Cheese

Strong and darker, taking on a buttery and nutty flavour.

Good for mark & cheese with crusty bread or with wine.

Ush 24,405
Comte Cheese

The taste and texture of Comte changes as it ages.

A young Comte has a ;

  • fresh butter aroma,
  • dried apricots & soft caramel

The mature Comte is more fruity, spicy and nutty.

Ush 26,250
Smoked Farmers Cheese

Nice smoky flavoured.

  • It is a reduced fat cheese that is sweet with a mild tanginess,
  • medium hard and 
  • great on sandwiched
Ush 24,315
Grana Padano Cheese

Full bodied, this hard cheese delivers a savoury and nutty touch with a dense and somewhat flaky texture.

Creamy, mild and with a lingering aftertaste. It can be enjoyed on its own or as an accoutrement to your dish.

Ush 32,805
Grated Parmesan 40g

Grated Parmesan 40g Category Cheese

Ush 6,600
Grated Emmental 100g

Grated Emmental 100g Category Cheese

Ush 14,800
Mozzarella Cheese

Mozarella Cheese Category Cheese

Ush 24,870
Swiss Emmental Cheese
It has no traces of acidity. It has an aromatic sweet & delightfully intricate in flavour.
Ush 31,515
Old Amsterdam Cheese
  • Smooth waxy textured
  • Slightly granular
  • has a deep, lingering mellow flavour with hints of caramel and marmite on the palate.
Ush 30,135
Ajiz Halloumi Cheese 250g

Halumi 250g Category Cheese

Ush 16,600
Iberico Mixed Milk Cheese

Iberico Mixed Milk Category Cheese

Ush 26,235
Supreme Cheese

Supreme Cheese Category Cheese

Ush 32,180
Klaver Sikkepit Goat Cheese

Klaver Sikkepit  is an aged white goat cheese, ripened for 12 months.

It's a Dutch cheese with a mild ,slightly sweet taste.

Ush 32,775
Farmers Cheese with Truffle

Farmers Cheese with Traffle Category Cheese

Ush 35,145
Stilton Blue Cheese

Stilton Blue Cheese Category Cheese

Ush 36,975
Old Brugge Cheese

Has a very low lactose content.

Best with fresh salads of rochette, tomatoes, Parma ham, olive oil and a generous splash of balsamic vinegar.

Best with fermented beer or dry white wine

Ush 27,225
Brugge Comtesse Cheese

Has a generous multi faceted flavour with notes of roasted hazelnuts , vanilla & summer fruit.

It is good for sandwich, fresh salads and slightly sweet chutneys.

Ush 28,860
Congo Cheese
Very similar to a Dutch gouda but has a softer texture and a milder taste.
Ush 9,680
Manchego Cheese

Manchego Category Cheese

Ush 37,455
Granarolo Mascarpone Cheese 250g

Mascarpone Cheese 250g Category Cheese

Ush 33,000
Castello Garlic Cheese

Castello Garlic Category Cheese

Ush 23,790
Flandrien Gerijpt Cheese

Belgian Cheese Mature cheese

Ush 28,635
Chaumes Cheese

Chaumes Category Cheese

Ush 50,440
Brugge Blomme Cheese

This elegant cheese has a very unique and velvet soft taste.

It is best with oysters grilled in oven with a layer of exotic quesadilla

Ush 32,490
Danish Blue Cheese

Danish Blue Cheese Category Cheese

Ush 25,005
Groendal Notelaar Cheese

Belgian Cheese with nuts

Ush 24,615
Raclette Cheese

Raclette Cheese Category Cheese

Ush 23,415
Castello Pineapple Cheese

Castello Pineapple Category Cheese

Ush 22,515
Burrata Cheese 150g

Burrata 326g Category Cheese

Ush 32,300
Prima Dona Fine Cheese
  • Has no granules
  • Glutten free
  • It features a piquant flavour.
  • 25% is of fats
  • 30% cheese
Ush 25,575
Roquefort Societe Cheese

Roquefort Societe Category Cheese

Ush 46,455