Le Gourmet Recipes by Chef


Le Gourmet ChefMay 3, '21

This easy-peasy curry potato recipe is simple to make, fast & very tasty!! Let's get cooking!!

Vegan Samosas

Le Gourmet ChefApr 27, '21

Make the perfect flaky and crispy Samosa at home! All tips and tricks to make the perfect samosa each time! These are filled with a spicy potato filling and are also vegan. The triangular shaped flaky pastry filled with spicy potato, chicken or lamb filling is a popular snack not...


Le Gourmet ChefApr 16, '21

East African Pilau is a traditional, beautiful fragrant rice dish made with many aromatic spices that adds an amazing depth of flavor to the rice. It can be made with either beef or chicken.Pilau has a wonderful balance of flavors. It is a festive dish, which is never missing during...

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Le Gourmet ChefApr 12, '21

The BEST Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies! A few tricks make these gluten-free cookies perfect – soft, chewy, golden and irresistible! Easy-to-make and NOBODY will guess they are gluten-free!These cookies are soft, chewy and golden like a good chocolate chip cookie should be. If you’ve tried making gluten-free chocolate chip cookies...